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Philosophical discussion organised by Nepal Darshan Adhyayan Samaj

A philosophical program was organized by Nepal Darshan Adhyayan Kendra at Martin Chautari on the 15th of September. The guest speaker at the event was Mr. Samir Singh, a philosopher and Marxist intellectual and the topic for the discussion was “Philosophical aspects of humanity”. The program started at 3:00 pm in the presence of numerous philosophy enthusiasts. 

In his speech, Mr. Singh explained the general concept of philosophy and how it is attached to everyone’s life. He gave the Marxist perspective on social conflicts and changes. He spoke about the dialectic materialism and explained how materials induce awareness in human beings. After his speech, the floor was opened for interaction. Mr. Singh responded to the queries of the participants regarding the topic and many participants expressed their opinions and ideas about various philosophical issues.

The program ended at 5:00 pm after 2 hours of productive discussion and interaction. It was the sixth in the series of philosophical programs Nepal Darshan Adhyayan Kendra has been organizing in collaboration with Martin Chautari. The center is planning to continue organizing such events in the future as well.