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Programme Celebrates

A program entitled "darshan satsang" was held at NAST Hall, Khumaltar in the capital on 10th April with an aim to explore various aspects of philosophy in the context of development.


Programme Organized by Institute for Social and Environmental Transition (ISET-Nepal)


Science Faculty of the Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST), Nepâ School of Social Sciences and Humanities, and Nepal Philosophy Study Center.


During the occasion, Deepak Gyawali made presentation on the Philosophy of Science with special emphasis on what has been developed by Karl Popper and linking it with the history of the idea of progress, growth and development.

Similarly, Ajay Dixit ( Water Specialist) also expressed his opinions on various issues linking it with philosophy.

Speaking on the same occasion, Bishnu Prabhat ( Philosophy Department Chief of Pragyapratistan) shed light on the  role of philosophy in dealing with subjects related to almost every aspect of life.  

Hari Sharma  (Social Science), expressed the his view from the social point of view.

Dinesh Vhuju ( from NAST, Scientist) also express the view and gave speech from scientific point of view.

  The programme also saw panel debate on development and its discontents in the light of the role of philosophy in the praxis of social science and technology improvements in Nepal.

  Development in Nepal is in a sad state, one place to begin fresh enquiries is philosophy in general, philosophy of science in particular (science being the most legitimizing label that social movements, indeed development models, seek to adorn themselves with) and their role, or lack thereof heretofore in development.

This satsang was organized as an initial, preliminary step towards filling that gap in public discourse.

It is estimated that the programme was participated in by some 40 to 50 participants.