Concept Paper of Nepal Darshan Adhyayan Samaj

Human beings of the 21st century are inundated with the augmenting flow of information and knowledge. Not surprisingly, modern man is also inclined towards thorough experimentation and evaluation of any information and ideas before complying with them. In this light, philosophy as a special branch of knowledge teaches the people not to succumb to any theory or belief blindly.

There is an immense growth of knowledge on the one hand. On the other hand, people are constantly exploring the best ways to live life. Some people absolutely bank upon religious precepts while others think scientific principles as the only truth they try to negate the significance of philosophy. However, it will be gross irrationality to dismiss the role of philosophy without properly understanding the broadness it covers. Philosophy is the only branch of knowledge which can deal with fundamental issues that have long fascinated mankind such as life, death, god and the universe. Neither science nor religion alone is capable to engage with these topics.

Nepal is a land where many sages, thinkers and spiritually enlightened have accomplished outstanding goals since the ancient time. Nepal gave birth to Gautam Buddha, the symbol of peace, and sages like Kapil and Yagyabalkya if to name a few. In fact, even in the middle age and modern era, Nepal has been a home to various illustrative thinkers. 

Philosophy reserves immense prospects to create an environment which can support the greater well-being of Nepali society. Against this backdrop, we have come up with the concept of Nepal Philosophy Study Center to advance this glorious tradition.

Nepal is, undeniably, passing through a period of grave crisis. This gloomy state has emanated from our failure to effectively resolve the myriad of social, political, economic and cultural ills the country has been suffering from.  
As such, it will not be illogical to state that there is a glaring need to foster a proper philosophical atmosphere to encourage a rational system of thought to help resolve these problems.   

We also believe that there should be combined efforts to revisit the glorious philosophical tradition of ancient and middle age. 

In this context, the proposed center has been conceptualized with the following objectives:
1)    To conduct study and research on philosophy in Nepal
2)    To coordinate, cooperate and interact with various national and international bodies involved in the field of philosophy. 
3)    To organize seminars, workshops and various other programs from a Nepalese perspective.  
4)    To write the history of Nepalese philosophy and publish articles commentaries, reviews etc.
5)    To act as an Information Center.
6)    To act as a forum to enable interaction between the various philosophical tradition of ethnic and cultural communities.

Undeniably, a host of anomalies found in social, political, economic and cultural arenas today demand insightful assessment and careful analysis. The development of innovative, forward-looking and inclusive ideas has become the urgent need of the hour. Such an endeavor alone can preserve and harness the positive aspects of our philosophical tradition as well as ensure a greater good of our society.

If you comply with our viewpoints in any way, let’s march ahead together.   
Thank you
Nepal Darshan Adhyayan Samaj
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